Obama’s okd pastor and mentor delivers racist anti-Semitic rant

A report that came out on a speech made by Obama’s former pastor and mentor Jeremiah Wright delved into racust anti- Jewish rhetoric. Wright said,

“The same issue is being fought today and has been fought since 1948, and historians are carried back to the 19th century…when the original people, the Palestinians – and please remember, Jesus was a Palestinian – the Palestinian people had the Europeans come and take their country,”

There is an argument being made in what are called minimalist biblical historian circles that the Jews are not really natives of Palestine at all but are really just the product if colonialism going back to Babylon. The motivation is to discredit the idea that Jews have any claim to Palestine. For these people Jews are just another white European people who invented a fraudulent claim to a Palestinian homeland. It is another example of the anti-European anti-Jewish racism that has been taking root in far left circles. It is nonsense. While many Jews had assimilated European culture and have acquired European genes and appearances, this does not disqualify their claim to their ancient homeland any more than Obama’s light skin and European culture exclude him from an African herirage. And contrary to Minimalist theory, Jews are in fact natives to  Palestine and while Jesus may have looked “Palestinian” a very new ethnicity, he was Jewish.  


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