We are too late to stop climate change, we must adapt

I read an article at Vox that sums up what I’ve been saying about climate change for a while: that the cuts needed to stop it are much greater than anything on the table, much larger than we can reasonably expect to accomplish. My liberal friends don’t seem to accept this and often argue as though stopping climate change can be done at virtually no cost. Of course this is political propaganda that allows democrats and other liberal political parties to claim that their insignificant climate change policies are saving the world, while the slightly more insignificant policies of the opposition will destroy the world. Hopefully this article from a liberal news site will help explain the true gravity of climate change.

Now, what about conservative policies that ignore climate change? Ignoring the problem is not going to make it go away, but as some conservatives that accept climate change have explained, if stopping it isn’t possible, even with bigger carbon cuts than proposed, half measures may not be a good compromise. Human society will need all its tools and capital to deal with the coming changes and restricting industry and innovation with anti-carbon regulations will not achieve that. Instead we need to prepare for changes and pursue a modest long term carbon reduction policy that will not hurt the most advanced and productive economies, while transferring power to less liberal and compassionate governments like China which are less concerened about polar bears and more willing to exploit the misery caused by climate change for others for their own gain.


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