Rob Lowe Has an Opinion!

Undated Handout photo of Rob Lowe. See PA Feature BOOK Lowe. Picture credit should read: PA Photo/Sam Jones. WARNING: This picture must only be used to accompany PA Feature BOOK Lowe.

An article about “as seen on T.V.!” actor Rob Lowe appeared in one my news sites today over a “controversial” tweet.

Upon  inspection it was not really offensive, merely snarky. Gawker thinks Rob Lowe’s appraisal of France’s immigration policy is ill-timed, but really it’s only because they disagree, as all good progressives are taught to, to be part of polite society.

Now, whatever the merits of France’s immigration policy on Syrians, I don’t think that in the wake of tragedy is a bad time to criticize the policies of those that enabled the tragedy. Do you think the staff at Gawker would think there should be a waiting period to criticize Bush after a devastating loss during the insurgency or Missouri cops after an unarmed man is killed?

Sure Lowe’s job is to provide light laughs, but hey, mine is to serve dinner. We are all free to express our opinions. Lowe thinks Hollande isn’t doing that great, and sure God bless him and all he does for socialism, but I bet a lot of French agree with Lowe.

When the people you trust with power drop the ball, you have to let them know that the people aren’t going to let you ride around like a king if you can’t get the job done. Maybe the consequences of not admitting Syrian refugees will be worse than the carnage that unfolded in Paris, maybe the refugee policy had nothing to do with it, but having an opinion on this isn’t sacrilege.

What are your thoughts?


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